Pregnant? It’s Not Just the Belly. Your Brain is Going to Change for 2 Years, Says this Study

Pregnant? It’s Not Just the Belly. Your Brain is Going to Change for 2 Years, Says this Study

Growing a baby isn’t just about the physical: the suffering through sore toes and backs and the reality of not seeing your feet anymore.

A study out of the Universitat Autonoma in Barcelona has found that a woman’s brain is also affected by her growing bun. Expectant moms, the study found, don’t lose memory abilities during pregnancy, but a mother’s brain does incur other changes for up to 2 years following birth.

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True? Pregnant ladies worldwide standing alone for hours in Walmart parking lots with absolutely no idea where the car is parked will likely argue the point about memory. But maybe that’ll be part of the next study.

Here’s what the researchers found in Spain: that part of an expectant mom’s brain which deals with reading social interactions and assigning thoughts and feelings to other people, shrinks during and after pregnancy. It streamlines things.

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Researchers have said they think the brain does this in order to help mom better bond with baby, and read its cues with stronger, faster connections.

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The study looked at women’s brains for up to 2 years after giving birth. To come up with their findings, researchers compared the gray matter in the area of the brain mentioned above with that of 19 first-time fathers, 17 men without children and 20 other women who had never given birth.

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The researchers found “substantial reductions” in the brains of first-time mothers. In fact, the shrinkage stood out so much so that their computers were able to pick out all the women who had been pregnant, solely based on the size of their brain.

Women's brain shrinks after pregnancy, for 2 years.

So, pregnant ladies, your brain’s process is like the progression of cell phones over the years: getting smaller but being able to do more.

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Nice. Consider yourself an iPhone 7 Plus on a two-year contract, and enjoy the connection. Whether or not you can find your own grey Honda amidst that vast sea of transportation. ( I feel ya’. Been there, lost everything, too. But found it… eventually).

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