Potato Chips Help Woman Discover She Has Cancer

Potato Chips Help Woman Discover She Has Cancer

Kristine Moore loves potato chips.

She’s been eating Ruffles chips for two decades now, packing them in her lunch every single day. You’d think she’d eventually succumb to the unhealthiness of the salty spuds, but the opposite happened – they may have saved her life.

While crunching away on her go-to snack, the Marysville, Washington, resident felt a stinging pain in the back of her throat as the chips we going down.

Asking her husband if he could see anything unusual, “He said, boy, your tonsil looks very red and swollen,” Moore said in an interview with CNN.

Moore only expected she had a bad cold at worst, but went to the doctor to be safe. Good call. After a test for strep throat came back negative, her doctor decided to do a biopsy on her tonsil.

Turns out she Moore had throat cancer.

“It’s called squamous cell carcinoma on my left tonsil,” she explained.

This type of cancer has been found in people like NBA coach George Karl (on his right tonsil), and famously in iconic film critic Roger Ebert, who had the cancer in his head and neck. Karl recovered and is back coaching; Ebert had complications with the surgery, passing away in 2013.

Luckily for Moore, her squamous cell carcinoma was caught in its early stages. She’ll begin radiation and chemotherapy treatment.

“The potato chip was a blessing in disguise,” Moore said. “I probably wouldn’t have found out another year.”

This is probably the only time you’ll hear potato chips improving someone’s health.

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