Popular Foods You Shouldn’t Prepare at Home

Popular Foods You Shouldn’t Prepare at Home

Some popular foods are simply too dangerous to be prepared by amateur home cooks.

And while being gated away from your favourite foods due to your lack of cooking expertise sounds unjust, it’s all in the interest of your health and safety. For example, a shaved Brussel sprouts salad may sound delightful – until you’re in the emergency room for a mandolin mishap (a mandolin in this case is a super sharp slicing tool, not an instrument).

For your own safety, avoid preparing these foods at home:

Cured Meat: Nothing says appetizers than a meat and cheese platter. But if you’re going to the next level and curing the meat yourself, just stop right there.


There are many potential hazards to the meat-curing process, since it requires precisely measuring the amount of moisture in the air and meat to prevent bacterial growth. Imperfection can lead to mold, or bacteria like listeria, e. coli, or staph.

Sushi: A proper sushi chef knows the fish’s origin, time from catch to kitchen, and if it’s been consistently chilled to avoid bacteria. A home chef doesn’t have that luxury, nor the food safety codes to adhere to. Non-pros are more likely to get sick from raw fish, which can harbor harmful parasites or other microorganisms.

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Steak Tartare: If you like raw meat, you better like dining out, too. Preparing your own steak tartare – which is spiced up, raw ground beef essentially – is a recipe for food poisoning, says Jackie Newgent, a chef and registered dietitian in New York City.

“It’s best to start with the freshest cut of beef or lamb, for instance, and then prepare immediately after grinding using clean grinder equipment,” she explains.

Topping the dish with the classic raw egg only adds to the risk, experts say.

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