Do People Still Get Gout?

Do People Still Get Gout?

It’s an age-old condition, and rates actually seem to be on the rise.

Gout is one of those things people in the Royal family had to deal with way back in history. “He was terribly stricken with gout, and lived out his years in the tower, without a visitor for 4 decades”. You know the drill.

And then he tossed his family under the guillotine and did them all in, in the name of “saving society”.

Thankfully few of us have a guillotine at our disposal, especially around the holidays. (If you have dinner table “discussions” like we do at our house..)

But what about gout?

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Statistics say that about 8.3 million Americans, or 4% of the population, currently lives with this painful form of arthritis. Rates have gone up over the last 2 decades.

Why? Medical professionals say it could be linked to an increase in obesity and hypertension in the population.

Gout is an inflammatory type of arthritis, that develops in patients who have high levels of uric acid in their blood. This can happen when the body produces too much of the stuff, and/or the kidneys don’t get rid of it properly.

If you eat a lot of red meat and seafood, consume alcohol and sodas and carry a considerable amount of extra weight on your body, you could be at risk of developing the condition.

Gout happens in stages, and comes in “attacks” that can cause your joints to flare up and become inflamed. It’s treatable, and can be monitored to decrease occurrences, and it’s best to see your doctor if you think you have it, rather than tackle it on your own.

For more information on gout and all it has to offer, click here.

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