Parasites Found Living in a Woman’s Brain for Almost a Year

Parasites Found Living in a Woman’s Brain for Almost a Year

After complaining about severe headaches for nine months, Yadira Rostro finally went to get herself checked out. What they found would make you squirm.

Doctors discovered and removed multiple tapeworm eggs from inside her brain after she complained of suffering from severe headaches for nine months.

The sacs of larvae from eight tapeworm eggs inside Rostro’s head were still growing when doctors found them.

“Sometimes my sight was impaired… I could not see properly,” the 31-year-old Texas native told ABC’s News8.

They believe she contracted the parasite from a trip to Mexico, via contaminated foods, around two years ago. Usually when people are infected, the parasite can pass through the system. This one miraculously wormed it’s way through her bloodstream, straight to the brain.

The parasite was removed during surgery at the Methodist Dallas Medical Center earlier this month. Neurosurgeon Dr. Richard Meyrat described the scene: “They looked a little bit like eggs, and they had a clear sac. And inside it, a small tapeworm.”

Rostro will make a full recovery, and is just “happy to be alive.”

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