Outrageous Political Views? These Experts Say It’s Because You’re Bored

Outrageous Political Views? These Experts Say It’s Because You’re Bored

So, you hate president Trump and all he stands for. The rest of your family and friends think he’s the best thing ever.

(Like, better than a fried and frozen Mars bar on a stick, on a hot August day).

So, what’s up? Many people are blaming social media for igniting the fires that continue to divide us.

Researchers from King’s College, London have a different view, though: we’re all just very bored, they say.

According to a study done back in 2016 in the Republic of Ireland, people who are prone to feeling bored are also frequently search for meaning in life. This, in turn, is associated with having extreme political views.

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The work published in the European Journal of Social Psychology found that both conservatives and liberals who weren’t too bored were more moderate in their political orientations. Those who professed to be, well, quite bored indeed, were found to be more extreme.

Boredom motivates people to alter their situation and fosters the engagement in activities that seem more meaningful than those currently at hand,” commented Dr. Eric Igou, one of the study’s authors.

The researchers felt that those individuals who become politically radicalized are, at least in some part, driven by having little to do in their everyday lives.

How can you counteract it? Bring a good game of Scrabble to your next get-together. And challenge each other to a long game of charades. Everyone’s bound to love that.

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