No, the Birth Control Pill Doesn’t Cause Depression, Study Says

No, the Birth Control Pill Doesn’t Cause Depression, Study Says

According to statistics, the “vast majority” of women will use some method of contraception during their life. But many still feel there are potential side effects.

There are currently 37 million females taking birth control right now in the U.S and a common fear is that it will cause depression. Women sense that all that messing around with hormones could end up bringing them down.

A recent study done by researchers at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center says we’re not to worry, though.

“Depression is a concern for a lot of women when they’re starting hormonal contraception, particularly when they’re using specific types that have progesterone,” said Dr. Brett Worly, the study’s lead author.

“Based on our findings, this side effect shouldn’t be a concern for most women, and they should feel comfortable knowing they’re making a safe choice,” he added.

Of course, every person is different and you know your body best. The pill isn’t for everyone. But here’s what Worly and his team found.

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They reviewed thousands of studies that focused on the mental health effects of taking contraceptives. This included data on women who were not depressed and who received contraceptive injections, implants and pills.

Researchers reviewed studies examining the effects these products had on postpartum women, adolescents and women with a history of depression. They say that there is “insufficient evidence to prove a link between birth control and depression”.

“Adolescents and pregnant moms will sometimes have a higher risk of depression, not necessarily because of the medicine they’re taking, but because they have that risk to start with,” said Worly. “For those patients, it’s important that they have a good relationship with their healthcare provider so they can get the appropriate screening done-regardless of the medications they’re on.”

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