New Super Lice Being Treated With Hot Air

New Super Lice Being Treated With Hot Air

A new treatment for getting rid of lice is now available to consumers. And it’s a good thing, because lice can be a very pesky thing to get rid of.

The treatment, called AirAlle, is available at lice clinics throughout the U.S and uses hot air in a one-hour treatment that dehydrates lice and eggs. It is FDA approved, and is said to be clinically proven to kill live lice and 99.2% of their eggs.


Normal removal of lice and eggs from infested hair can take days, using a fine toothed-lice comb and the application of liquid treatments to try to kill the lice, which then need to be combed out in multi-hour, tedious, cleaning sessions.

The invention of AirAlle’s hot-air solution couldn’t come at a better time as super lice is said to now be spreading across the U.S. Super lice are lice that have grown to be resistant to over-the-counter treatments, and they are said to be in half of the U.S.


According to a report on CTV News last year, a report published in the Journal of Medical Entomology has suggested that 97 per cent of North American lice have evolved into this new, ointment-resistant strain of bugs.

Lice are passed through head-to-head contact, and are common among school-aged children. They can’t jump, like their flee friends, and do not live on pets or animals, feeding on human blood, alone.

AirAlle’s blessed device, which uses microprocessor-controlled heated air to kill lice and eggs, was invented by scientists at the University of Utah.


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