How This New Antibiotic Just Might Save Humanity from Superbugs

How This New Antibiotic Just Might Save Humanity from Superbugs

It’s a new twist on an old solution, and it might be the answer we need.

Superbugs are problem that, so far, no one has had a cure for. They’re infectious bugs that are resistant to all known medication, and once a person gets one in their system, if they can’t fight it off on their own, there’s no hope.

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A recent development is hopefully going to change all that, though. It’s a new twist on an old drug called vancomycin. This new antibiotic is said to be ‘ultra-tough’ and capable of taking on the world’s most threatening superbugs.

But amidst the science party, yes, there is some negative news. The new-and-improved vancomycin hasn’t yet been tested on humans, and it won’t be on the market for another 5 years, if it manages to pass all the mandatory tests.

A new antibiotic might be the answer to superbugs.

The good news is that there’s a solid chance this new drug will, actually work. It’s been changed by scientists in three different ways at the molecular level, giving the new soldier three mechanism to use to kill off bacteria.

So, if a strain of bacteria does somehow become resistant to one of the methods, the antibiotic still has two other ways of killing it, up its sleeve.

In this way, researchers are hoping the drug will be a great new solution for modern medicine. Researchers are saying it could be a ‘hugely important’ development.

Now, all we have to solve is climate change, and we’re good to go.

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