Needles and Babies? These Experts Swear by Acupuncture to Curb Crying

Needles and Babies? These Experts Swear by Acupuncture to Curb Crying

When nothing else works, try the alternative.

Live in a condo? With a neighbor who has a colicky baby? As someone who’s had one in her own home, I can assure you that there are few walls thick enough to block out that incessant crying.

It’s true that happiness does eventually come. The crying will one day stop, rest assured. But it can seem to take forever. Parents (including us) have been known to give their little one any serum, (short of vodka), in the hopes of finding peace.

If this is you and you’re running out of options, consider this: new research is pointing towards acupuncture as a cure for excessive crying.

Published online in Acupuncture in Medicine, the study compared two types of acupuncture with standard care alone in 147 babies suffering with colic, in Sweden.

The findings were positive. Yes, the treatment doesn’t eliminate colic entirely, but it reduces it significantly. After two weeks of acupuncture, a significantly higher proportion of babies in the treatment groups no longer fulfilled the criteria for colic compared with those in the standard care group.

“Fussing and crying are normal communications for a baby, therefore a reduction to normal levels (rather than silence) is the goal of treatment,” said the researchers.

What can you do before resorting to needles? Researchers advise that parents record how long their baby cries, to see if it truly is excessive. Following this, try eliminating cow’s milk from the baby’s diet, to see if this fixes things. If not, seek help from a professional.  

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