Need a Protein Punch? Try Yellow Peas

Need a Protein Punch? Try Yellow Peas

If your quest for more plant-based proteins has hit a wall, yellow peas should be a strong consideration.

The forgotten member of the pea family, yellow peas are starting to get more fanfare, as evidenced by the number of packaged foods with the pea protein tripling over the last few years.

A mere quarter-cup of dry, uncooked yellow peas yield 11 to 12 grams of protein, 13 to 16 grams of fiber and just 180 calories. Those are superstar food numbers. These legumes are not a complete protein like meat or chicken, but do have essential amino acids like isoleucine, leucine and valine, which are needed for building muscle.


Another thing to remember: Foods that have just pea protein extract won’t have yellow peas’ fiber, B vitamins, or the variety of important minerals and phytochemicals. So don’t pay for products just because of the added pea protein; instead, consider adding whole split yellow peas to the meals you make at home.

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And what an ingredient peas make for meal prep. Cook up a batch of dried peas in a few minutes, and then you can add them to recipes throughout the week. They can be the base of a number of Indian dishes or soups. Serve them cold on salads, or with corn, salsa, and avocado in a whole wheat wrap. Leftovers can be pureed and fancied up with spices for a unique take on hummus – just add whole grain chips or vegetable slices, and enjoy.

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