How much of a mess do you really make peeing standing up?

How much of a mess do you really make peeing standing up?

The debate among men over the merits of peeing standing up vs. peeing sitting down is a classic dispute, like ‘is a hotdog a sandwich’?

But a recent study involving UV lights may end up swaying some guys when they learn about all the splashback that goes unnoticed when peeing standing up.

According to a new study by QS Supplies, 69 per cent of men pee while standing up; two thirds of these men say they make an effort to limit splashback by aiming for ‘optimal’ parts of the bowl.


However, a surprising 60 per cent also said they pee ‘hands-free’ while standing, only using their hips to aim. Some even admitted to making it a game by seeing how far they can stand back while still hitting the bowl.

It may look like we’re hitting the bulls eye, but that’s not the case. The study included a video that showed invisible droplets splashing well away from the toilet bowl. Streams hitting the rear wall of the toilet produced more droplets and the widest spread.

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The majority of those surveyed say they only clean their toilet once a week, meaning seven days of unseen splashback all over the toilet and surrounding areas like the wall, mirror, and yes, maybe even toothbrushes.

But even with this data, don’t expect men to change their pee stance any time soon; nearly a third of men in the survey said it’s ‘unmanly’ to sit down while peeing. But sitting down to pee has even more benefits beyond health. A 2014 study by Leiden University Medical Centre in the Netherlands discovered that sitting to pee helps men with prostate issues to urinate with greater force, as sitting encourages a “more favorable urodynamic profile.”

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