This Movie About Sheep May Actually Put You to Sleep

This Movie About Sheep May Actually Put You to Sleep

Most filmmakers would be sheepish if they discovered people used their film as an instrument to sleep soundly.

But if you’re the filmmaker whose entire cast stars nothing but actual sheep, then it’s a compliment.

The American-financed, British-made film “Baa Baa Land” – no, that’s not a typo – is an eight-hour saga that’s exactly that. The movie premiers tonight at the Prince Charles Cinema in London.

If you can’t graze for eight hours straight, there’s a five-minute abbreviated version of the film, which you can doze off to here.

So, what’s a movie with nothing but sheep about? What’s the plot?


Well, Alex Tew, “Baa Baa Land’s” executive producer and co-founder of Calm, calls the film “the ultimate insomnia cure.”

And that’s really it – the film is nothing more than sheep repeating that same catch phrase, ‘Baa’, in a field. Just as nature intended.

While the producers say the punny title isn’t a play on ‘La La Land’, one of the film’s posters does make reference to one of its songs, saying “Here’s to the ones who dream … of sheep.”

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This isn’t just a one-off project – indeed, the rising star of sheep will continue to climb.

“We’re in discussion about U.S. and wider distribution, and in talks with an American TV channel,” Michael Acton Smith, another executive producer and Calm’s other co-founder, says on its website. “We don’t expect it to break box-office records, but believe there is at least a niche audience for it.”

If you’re attending the premier tonight, then sit baaaahhck and relax!

Photo Credit: Soodowoodo/BigStock; R_tee/BigStock

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