Meet the World’s Strongest Cup of Coffee

Meet the World’s Strongest Cup of Coffee

If you never want to shut your eyes again, Black Insomnia may perk your up. This brew is stronger than Red Bull, Starbucks and Coke.

58% of Americans reach for at least one cup of coffee each day to help them get through alive but few have likely tried this one…yet.

It’s being called the World’s Strongest Cup of Coffee and reports indicate that it could go so far as to cause heart palpitations in those who drink it.

A company founded by Sean Kristafor is selling the new roaster line, Black Insomnia, for $19 a pound on Amazon. The brew, which was originally sold in South Africa’s Cape Town, is pretty mighty.

One cup of this java could take you over your daily limit for caffeine. The FDA recommends consuming no more than 400 mg of caffeine a day, and the International Food Information Council has the mark even lower at 300mg, but Black Insomnia packs a blast.


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According to a post on, just one cup of it contains 58.5mg of caffeine per fluid ounce, making a full cup of the stuff add up to about 700mg of caffeine.

In contrast, Starbuck’s Dark Roast has 21.25mg/fl.Oz, Red Bull 9.46mg/flOz, and Coca Cola 2.8mg/fl.Oz.

Needless to say, you might want to watch for the signs of caffeine overdose, if you’re going to partake.

These include nervousness, restlessness, trouble sleeping and even an irregular heart beat.

Of course, while it may be too strong for many, maybe this is the ultimate coffee for those people who say that caffeine ‘doesn’t affect them’.

We all know one and can roll our eyes in jealousy as they gulp down two lattes, at 11 o’clock at night, without hesitation.

But whatever you do, don’t give it to a teenager. Unless of course, you’re trying to get them to dust your house, mop your floor or do your errands…really quickly.

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