Meet the People Who Say They Don’t Eat, but Live on Light and Air

Meet the People Who Say They Don’t Eat, but Live on Light and Air

Cults abound and Breatharianism is no different, or less dangerous, than some others.

It sounds totally crazy and it is: people known as Breatharians say they don’t need any food or water to stay alive and that they actually live on light and air. In essence, they see themselves as plants that use the sunlight to form their energy. (To be fair, plants also need water (!) and the nutrients from the soil to sustain themselves, but anyhoo).

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So, Breatharians say they don’t eat or drink any liquids, because they’re being sustained by the energy present in the universe. Is it possible?

Recently, a couple from Ecuador and California got their 15 minutes of fame for claiming they haven’t eaten in years.

Even throughout the woman’s pregnancy, the expectant mother claimed she grew the baby in her womb by “nourishing it purely with love”, and that she only ate 5 times during the entire 9 months.

Truth? Bogus.

Eating Disorders

Breatharianism is a cult that promotes eating disorders.

It may seem blatantly miraculous but plainly put, these are incredibly dangerous claims to make.

In fact, in the age of the Internet, this couple had better be careful they don’t get caught being responsible for someone else’s death. Fads take hold and can spread like wild fire through social media, and anyone saying they felt inspired by them and followed their lead, and then consequently lay starving on their death bed, could lead to trouble.

Eating disorders kill at least 1 person every hour in the U.S. They are considered to be a mental health illness and are characterized by not eating, binge eating, eating and purging (throwing up) and more.

Breatharianism is a cult that promotes eating disorders.

As National Eating states on its website,

“Eating disorders are real, complex, and devastating conditions that can have serious consequences for health, productivity, and relationships. They are not a fad, phase or lifestyle choice. Eating disorders are serious, potentially life-threatening conditions that affect a person’s emotional and physical health. People struggling with an eating disorder need to seek professional help.”

Sure, Breatharianism could seem like a lifestyle choice,  but no one can live on light and air and any who follows it has an eating disorder.

I’ll gamble with my reputation and stand up to this nonsense by saying plainly that humans need food and water to survive while living a regular life, and anyone who claims they don’t, is spouting bullsh%t.


Breatharianism is a cult that promotes eating disorders.

“Breatharianism” lends a name and fake legitimacy to the idea of simply not eating and anyone following it is fiddling with tempting death.

Religious cults do the same by brainwashing followers into believing barrels full of hogwash. Sometimes, they also lead people to their own death-such as leading people to believe in suicide bombing and other ways of dying.

Food and water are not a distraction or an addiction, unless you actually have an overeating disorder.

They are necessary elements for humans to consume, in proper quantities, in order to live.

Anyone who tells you differently is either trying to get you to buy their line of nutritional milkshakes for life, or they actually don’t care for you in a living form. Please eat.

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