Meet Jaguar Swirl: The One-of-a-Kind Canadian Chocolate Getting Global Attention

Meet Jaguar Swirl: The One-of-a-Kind Canadian Chocolate Getting Global Attention

The world’s best chocolate isn’t always from Switzerland. This Canadian chocolate producer has a unique product packed with health benefits, that’s sure to please.

One of Toronto’s best attractions isn’t Ripley’s Aquarium with its massive fish tanks, the CN Tower looming high beside it, nor the world-class Royal Ontario Museum a ways up the street, with its shocking crystal bursting from its seams.

No, it’s something much more, well… tasty. A rather discreet, somewhat unheard of secret sits innocently in the upper west side of the city, and it sells some of the best chocolate in the world.

ChocoSol-the name of this “factory”/store- sells something called Jaguar Swirl. It’s a product that’s been the recipient of an International Chocolate award for 2 years running, and for good reason.

This treat combines the company’s Vanilla Sea Salt and Jaguar Chocolate products into one delectable twist that forms an irresistible combo of caramel, butterscotch, and cashew flavors.

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ChocoSol is self-described as a “learning community social enterprise”. It’s the only chocolate producer in the world to make this bar derived from the albino cacao bean.

One of the reasons the bean is so rare is that it grows on a variety of cacao tree that’s now hard to find. ChocoSol has been working for over 10 years with a Chinantec community of the Sierra Norte in Oaxaca, Mexico to regenerate the tree. Their efforts are bearing fruit, and the group is now bringing the unique bean back to chocolate-lovers.

Each year, quantities of Jaguar Swirl chocolate, as you can imagine, are extremely limited. But bars are flying off the shelves, to the benefiting of both the producer and consumers.

Nutritional Joys

Why eat chocolate, apart from the fact that it’s delicious? MaryJo High of ChocoSol points out that chocolate is great for both our mind and body. It energizes you after working out, facilitates muscle recuperation, it can improve your circulation and also act as an anti-depressant. Cacao has the ability to act on your neurotransmitters with its mood-enhancing skills.

Chocolate also holds a compound called anandamide. This is a lipid known as the “bliss molecule” that has a molecular shape that mimics THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

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And in its darker form, chocolate is full of anti-oxidants as well being an excellent source of magnesium. This  mineral is essential for muscle and nerve function. It works to lower your blood pressure and keep your heart beat steady, something we can’t take for granted.

So, in essence, from head to toe, you’ve got all bases covered.

What can you do if you’re going for the best but you can’t get your paws on some Jaguar Swirl? ChocoSol advises you look for preservative-free, organic chocolate that isn’t over-refined. It’s also good, if you can find it, to pursue products that are fairly traded and produced over low heat. Preferably they’re made using low-shear production methods.

And then, sit back and enjoy. There’s a reason some people think chocolate’s better than sex- or at least an unforgettably delicious alternative.

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