McDonald’s Newest Burger is Undoubtedly Their…Sweetest

McDonald’s Newest Burger is Undoubtedly Their…Sweetest

Fast food giant McDonald’s is always experimenting with mashups and concepts to liven up their menu. With the Nutella Burger, they may’ve hit the sweet spot.

mcdonald's sweety with nutella dessert burgerMcDonald’s in Italy will have the honour of serving the chain’s ‘Sweety with Nutella’ menu option – or, the ‘Nutella burger’. The ‘sandwich’ is served in a standard cardboard burger box, with the infamous chocolate-hazelnut spread baked and sealed directly into the bun.

On the surface it looks like an ordinary burger; split it open, and the Nutella goodness is unleashed. The product is delivered warm, so the Nutella core oozes out on first bite.

And despite looking exactly like your average hamburger, the Sweety with Nutella has zero meat.

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When pictures of the new sandwich-turned-dessert surfaced on McDonald’s Facebook page over the weekend, it was met with glowing approval from McDonald’s and Nutella fans alike, desperate for a taste.

By midday Monday, the Facebook post already garnered more than 90,000 shares and over 73,000 comments.

facebook post nutella burger

“Sweety is the sweetest burger ever sold at McDonald’s,” read the press release. As obvious as that statement is, we suppose they aren’t wrong.

McDonald’s has experimented with chocolate in the past: in January, they introduced ‘the Facebook post’, or fries smothered in chocolate sauce. It was available for a short time in Japan, with no return in sight.

The early returns on the Sweety with Nutella is promising – many media outlets have reported people making their way to Italy to try McD’s sweet new creation.

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