How to Lose That Unwanted Water Weight

How to Lose That Unwanted Water Weight

Water weight occurs when fluid builds up in your tissues, causing them to swell to create feelings of bloating and lethargy.

“Water weight is where the body retains fluid that normally would go to the kidneys,” explains Lynn Mack, MD, associate professor of internal medicine at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Rather than urinating, your body simply stores it between your organs and skin.

To control and eliminate that uncomfortable water weight, you can try these three tips:

Avoid super-salty foods.

This isn’t an incitement of salt directly, but processed foods. They contribute to 75% of our salt intake, says the FDA.

“All of your processed, packaged foods are going to have more sodium simply because [the manufacturers] want them to stay on the shelf longer,” says Joanna Sheill DiCicco, a registered dietitian at Henry Ford Center for Health Promotion in Detroit.

Cook at home when you can, using non-processed, whole foods like fruits and veggies. If you do go packaged, check the label and compare sodium content across similar products.


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Drink MORE water.

Now here us out: Putting more water into your body doesn’t add to water weight – the opposite is in fact true.

The key here is if your body feels like it needs water, it’ll hold onto whatever water it has, thereby creating water weight. So if you’re feeling the water weight bloat, be sure you’re getting plenty H2O.

Eliminating dehydrating items like tea, coffee, and alcohol can all help limit water weight.

Exercise regularly.

Physical activity is essential to losing water weight. Not only will you be sweating out that fluid, but you’ll also get thirsty encouraging you to drink more water, says DiCicco.

Moving around can also help reduce puffiness. Get out and stretch after long drives, walk around when you can on planes, buses, or trains, and do simple exercises with your feet and legs while seated.

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