Looking for Friends? Here’s How Nodding Makes You More Likeable

Looking for Friends? Here’s How Nodding Makes You More Likeable

Both men and women found females who nodded more likeable and approachable than those who stay still.

Dress to impress, say please and thank you, remember to put on deodorant, try not to insult people and simply be yourself: mom sure had some useful and truthful tips when it came to making friends.

What about engaging in more nodding, though?

A recent study out of Japan shows that those who move their head around in agreement are seen to be considerable more friendly than those who don’t. (It makes sense but here are the details if you need convincing).

Researchers from Hokkaido University are behind the simple study in which participants- 49 Japanese men and women aged 18 years and older- were shown short video clips of computer-generated figures.

The figures were either nodding, shaking their head or remaining motionless.

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After viewing, The participants then rated the figures’ attractiveness, likability and approachability on a scale of 0 to 100.

It was discovered that the likability of the nodding figures for both men and women was about 30 percent higher when compared with those that remained motionless.

And likewise, the approachability of the nodding figures was seen to be about 40 percent higher than those who remained stock-still.

Surprising? Not entirely. Of note, though: the computer generated figures were all female. Would the results have been the same with nodding digitally-produced male figures?

That study is to come. For the moment, ladies, now you know. If you’re a women, nodding seems to be the name of the game, socially speaking.

Photo credits: Dima Aslanian/Shutterstock.com

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