Looking For a Trip? You Can Hallucinate Without Taking Drugs

Looking For a Trip? You Can Hallucinate Without Taking Drugs

C’mon, don’t lie: you’re probably at least a bit curious about what a hallucination would feel like. Now, I’m not advocating you go out and find some LSD, magic mushrooms, or other illegal hallucinogens.

If you aren’t scared off yet, there’s actually a way to experience a hallucination sans drugs.

YouTube channel Scam School released a new video that provides an explanation of a DIY hallucination technique called the Ganzfeld effect.

Essentially, you put yourself in a state of sensory deprivation aided by some very simple household items.

The first one is simple, and you’ll look goofy to others doing it (added bonus, right?). The video recommends taking a piece of plain white printer paper and cutting it up in the shape of a mask, fitting it over the entire top half of your face. Securing the makeshift masks with rubber bands, that’s nothing left to do but wait for the trip.

The key to making this work is sitting in a quiet spot for about 10 to 30 minutes before you start seeing things. If you have noise-cancelling headphones, depriving you of your senses further will only enhance the experience.

You hallucinate from this simple trick due to your brain filling in empty gaps that’re usually fed with visual and aural stimuli.

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