London Now Has a Naked Restaurant. Is it Sanitary to Sit Down?

London Now Has a Naked Restaurant. Is it Sanitary to Sit Down?

The Bunyadi is London, England’s first restaurant for patrons in the nude. The idea is so popular that 45, 840 people have already joined a waiting list for tickets. According to The Guardian, the eatery wants to offer the public the opportunity to dine “free from the trappings of modern life” and has removed mobile phones, electricity and also clothing from its tables of eager eaters, allowing for those who are interested to eat their meal ‘au naturel’.

According to, the restaurant is also going all out to return humans to the natural world by cooking its meals over fire and lighting the room with candles, while clients sit at hand carved tables and eat off of handmade clay plates, with edible cutlery.

It all sounds earthy, daring, chilly on a cool day, and possibly embarrassing but inquiring minds are wondering just one thing: how sanitary is it to sit your own naked bum down where many others have gone before?


The Bunyadi’s founder, Seb Lyall, think there is no extra risk. “There really aren’t any extra health and safety issues to worry about by having a naked restaurant,” Lyall told The Guardian, “although we got a lot of guests asking: ‘Is it going to be hygienic for me to sit naked on a seat that someone else has been nude on?’ We’ve had to point out that you will be sitting on a gown, which is effectively a cushion.”

In comparison, the U.S, the city of San Francisco has permitted public nudity for many years, as long as it’s not in connection with a sexual act.

According to, there are no published records of someone falling sick in the city because of exposure to people going nude in public. As Michael Thomsen of Slate states,

“Whatever bodily microbes one of them might deposit on a seat pose no more of a health risk than those you might find in a public restroom or pick up by shaking hands with a stranger.”

If it works in San Francisco, it could work in London. So, wash your hands before you eat and relax while enjoying some baked Alaska in your birthday suit at the Bunyadi.

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