Why Are We Having Less Sex Than 10 Years Ago?

Why Are We Having Less Sex Than 10 Years Ago?

Is it you? No, it’s me. Well, actually it’s the internet.

Entertaining, cheap, easily accessible: describe it as you will, but the truth is that Netflix is killing humanity. OK, maybe that’s a stretch-the experts say that it could be contributing to a general decline in our sex lives, though.

Here’s the scoop: researchers recently published an article in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior that shows the average adult in America had sex nine fewer times between 2010 to 2014, compared with 2000 to 2004.

What to conclude? Were we just dishonest, ugly liars back in the early 2000’s or what?


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Well, maybe but not really. Experts are suggesting that we have to work more these days for our dollar to meet the cost of living, and that, coupled with sharing more of the childcare responsibilities, could have something to do with it.

But being able to stream so much content online anytime anywhere is also probably to blame, says the study’s lead author.

Needless to say though, we needn’t get our panties in a bunch. The study says that we’re still having sex about once a week, on average. This is the amount that officially leads to better well-being, scientists say.


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You might get a kick out of having sex more frequently, but it won’t make your relationship seem more satisfying to you, on a certain level, scientists report.

So don’t go canceling that online subscription just yet, but consider other modest changes. Maybe take a moment to consider what you’re really doing in your spare time and try to remember there are other people in your home, and that you probably won’t miss that screen on your dying day.

Or maybe you will- Orange is the New Black, season 4 is pretty good.

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