Four Ways to Boost Your Mental Health

Four Ways to Boost Your Mental Health

Eating well and exercising is good for your physical health, but don’t forget about taking care of your mental health, too.

Here are some simple ways to take care of your brain.

Cultural events

New research has found that seniors can lower their risks of depression in old age with regular trips to the movies, theater, or museums.

The research team from University College London examined over 2,000 people over the age of 50 and found those that head out to such cultural events every few months had a 32 per cent lower risk of developing depression; those that went every month or more had a 48 per cent lower risk.

Eat Raw Veggies


A study that looked at 422 participants from ages 18 to 25 found raw fruit and veggies were more beneficial to mental health than cooked, canned, or processed alternatives. They were associated with fewer depression symptoms, brighter moods, higher life satisfaction, and feeling more engaged in work and daily life, giving a better sense of purpose.

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Spend less time on your phone

Researchers from San Diego State University and the University of Georgia have done several studies on the rise of screen time and its effects on our mental health.

One study found teens that spent more than seven hours a day on screens were twice as likely as those spending just one hour on screens to develop anxiety or depression. Another found high-screen time teens were less happy than those who spent more time with off-screen activities like sports and reading.

They don’t suggest cutting out screen time altogether – times have changed, they’re not unreasonable! – but suggest limiting time is key to better mental health and happiness.

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