The Latest Avocado Food Trend Has Finally Arrived

The Latest Avocado Food Trend Has Finally Arrived

If you’re getting tired of seeing avocado all over social media and your local supermarket…well you may want to stop reading here.

compartes-avocado-chocolate-barThe ever-popular fruit that’s been heavily featured in today’s toast and smoothie recipes is finding a new way to your heart (and stomach).

Starting today, you can now get avocado in your chocolate.

We can all thank (or chastise) Compartés for the creation, a gourmet chocolate shop that produces colourful, artistic designs and flavours for the chocolate bars, ranging from potato chips to birthday cake. They’re perhaps best known for last summer’s smash hit, the Rosé chocolate bar.

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Partnering with the California Avocado Commission for their avocados means these gourmet bars have the highest quality of chocolate, complimented by avocados that’re locally sourced from farmer’s markets. In other words, they’re organic, and sustainably farmed.

The quality is reflected in the price: $10 per bar of chocolate.

But if you’re getting the well-known health benefits of avocados, while simultaneously enjoying the best comfort food on the planet, it’s actually a small price to swallow.

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