How Kids are Being Exposed to High Pollution Levels at School

How Kids are Being Exposed to High Pollution Levels at School

There’s a terrible toxin affecting kids at school, and for once, it isn’t the cooties.

A new study conducted by University of Toronto researchers has found designated pick-up zones or bus loops are exposing students to elevated levels of pollution. The pollution from the waves of idling cars extends to the schoolyards and playgrounds too, the researchers say, regardless of whether the school is in a rural, urban, or suburban setting.


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“The use of private vehicles can significantly increase local concentrations (of air pollution), regardless of background conditions,” study co-authors Matthew D. Adams and Weeberb J Requia said in the abstract for their paper.

The authors note this pollution concern is particularly troubling for kindergarten students, whose play areas tend to be located closest to drop-off zones and bus loops.

An increase in air pollution exposure can lead to respiratory conditions, decreased school performance, extending to general poorer well-being over the long-term.

The details of the study can be found in the September edition of the journal Atmospheric Environment.

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