Does a Juice Cleanse Really Work?

Does a Juice Cleanse Really Work?

It can be an attractive remedy… but consumer beware.

I’ve had many acquaintances try the infamous ‘cleanse’. Some did it through juice, others used a strict liquid diet of some kind, others ate only things like rice and drank water. These cleanses took place over a few days and the patients loved it. But what does the whole things really do for you, if anything?

Cleanses are said to “detoxify” your body. It’s true that you definitely don’t want things like lead or pesticides to be present in your body in large quantities .

But according to an article in the New York Times back in 2016, your body cleanses the toxins just fine on its own. Juice isn’t needed.

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Nature has designed you to eliminate your waste. Your kidneys and liver do it automatically. If these organs aren’t working properly, you should be consulting a doctor for more than juice as a remedy.

It’s true you may feel a burst of energy after ‘cleansing’, but this doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with toxins. It could be that your body is relieved to be eating solid foods again.

Or, it could also be the effect of all that sugar your cleansing juice may contain. Remember, sugar itself isn’t a great friend to your body in large quantities, so embarking on a juicy diet could be causing your insulin to surge.

Should you avoid juice cleanses? Do what feels right for you. ‘Cleansing’ frequently could lead to an imbalanced diet and a lack of nutrients, so be on guard. It could also be linked with an eating disorder. Contact your doctor for an expert’s advice.

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