Is Your Nail Fungus Coming From the Salon?

Is Your Nail Fungus Coming From the Salon?

This study has found that salons don’t always disinfect their tools as you would hope.

Getting your nails done by the professionals is a treat. Not only do you know you’ll get great results, but you also get a chance to sit back and relax for a few moments, while someone else digs in to do the work.

And since you’re having them done in salon with treatments and disinfectants on-hand, it’s probably cleaner than doing it all at home, right?

Actually, the answer to that might be ‘no’. Depending on where you get your nails done, you could be exposing yourself to a greater risk of infection by frequenting a salon.

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Studies completed by researchers at Rutgers University found that clients who visit nail salons frequently exhibit more skin and fungal diseases than people who go less often.

More than half of the participants happened to report having skin of fungal symptoms. They were most common in clients who had visited salons at least 3 times in the past year.

Nail fungus is usually mild and easily treatable, but it can lead to more serious infection.

What precautions should you take? The study’s lead author Lindsey Milich has this to say:

“Clients should ask their stylist or nail technician about the chemical ingredients in the products being used, how they disinfect their tools and the type of ventilation system in the salon.”

“People who use salon products at home should read labels and become familiar with safety precautions like wearing proper gloves or masks,” she added.

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