Is milk chocolate as healthy as dark chocolate?

Is milk chocolate as healthy as dark chocolate?

Dark chocolate is arguably the trendiest ‘celebrity diet’ food, rivaling a handful of almonds in terms of popularity. You can find multiple well-known public faces that have said there’s nothing better than ending the night with a bit of dark chocolate before bed. You know, just taking a taste of that 99 percent cacao bar, maybe with closed eyes because it’s just that damn good.

But let’s be real. No one makes that face eating dark chocolate – that’s a face reserved for milk chocolate, which everyone knows tastes better. Milk chocolate isn’t as healthy as dark chocolate however, making it the second choice of celebrity chocolate fantasies.

That’s something that may be changing soon, thanks to researchers from North Carolina State University.

The noble study sought to up the antioxidant levels in milk chocolate, to a level comparable to dark chocolate – all while maintaining that richer (and better) taste. To do so, they extracted phenolic compounds from peanut skins, encapsulating them in maltodextrin. Finally, that maltodextrin powder was added to the milk chocolate.

Eighty participants sampled both variations of milk chocolate, finding no difference in taste.

If this healthier, better tasting milk chocolate ever does hit the market, it’ll be a good litmus test as to which celebrities are honest about their sweet tooth, and who just wants to be a trendy, dark chocolate purist.

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