Is It Safe to Have Salad Dressing at a Picnic?

Is It Safe to Have Salad Dressing at a Picnic?

Follow these easy rules and keep contamination at bay, while delicious taste stays on your plate.

That macaroni salad looks very tempting. And so does the potato salad and the fresh tossed garden salad sitting at the end of the table. But if you’re eating out in the open during the summer, are they really safe to eat?

If you’ve just dropped into your own backyard for dinner, of course it’s likely there’s no danger. Your food probably hasn’t been sitting out in the sun for hours.

When it comes to picnics however, it’s a different matter. Mayonnaise and other products like some salad dressings can contain ingredients that go sour fast. You don’t want to be running to the public outhouse just because of something you ate for lunch!

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In order to stay safe, nutritionists advise that you consider bringing oil and vinegar based dressings on a picnic and skipping the creamy concoctions.

When this isn’t an option, pack your creamy dressing on the side. By keeping it in a container next to a frozen ice pack, you can ensure its freshness for much longer. Add the dressing on to your food as needed. When you’re done, place it back in the ice box or cooler, for the next user.

Truth be told, commercially prepared mayonnaise is likely completely safe to eat at your picnic, even without an ice pack. If you’re going for the homemade variety however, definitely use caution as it contains raw egg.

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