If You Do These 3 Things, You Might Be Giving Yourself Migraines

If You Do These 3 Things, You Might Be Giving Yourself Migraines

Taking an Advil doesn’t help your headache: it might be about sunshine, food and emotional baggage.

If you suffer from migraines, you probably already know your triggers. But if you’re new to them, or have no idea what’s causing them, trying to tackle the beast of pain can be a burden.

(Even if you know what causes them, the pain can be an absolute nightmare).

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Doctors and scientists aren’t entirely sure why people get migraines in the first place, but there are some clues out there. Taking small steps to prevent them could be the key.

Not sure where they’re coming from? Here are 3 habits that might be contributing to your pain:

1) You Don’t Get Enough Vitamin D


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A study out of the University of Eastern Finland has shown that being deficient in vitamin D can increase your chances of getting chronic headaches. It’s a tricky balance, as too much time in the sun can give you skin cancer, but worrying about that will probably just make your headache worse.

2) You Eat Too Many Nitrates

 It’s been discovered that consuming too many nitrates can cause a severe headache.

The thing that causes some migraines may actually be nitrites, something that results when nitrates are broken down by microbes in the mouth.

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Researchers from the University of California found that migraine sufferers have significantly more microbes in their mouths that can modify their nitrates, compared with people who don’t get migraines.

So what should you avoid eating? Nitrates can be found in foods like chocolate and wine, but also in processed meats, leafy green vegetables, berries and certain medicines, among other things. Difficult to avoid? Maybe. Impossible? Not totally.

3) You’re Too Anxious


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OK, this one isn’t really something you can list in the blame game. It’s hard to just…RELAX.

It’s true though, that researchers have found a link between people having higher levels of anxiety and suffering from migraines.

The thing is that the cause and effect link might be reversed.

People who suffer from migraines are said to have triple-triple!– the amount of generalized anxiety disorder. This isn’t really so surprising, really. Not knowing when debilitating pain is going to pounce next would likely make anyone more than a bit nervous.

 Does anxiety cause migraines, though? That bit hasn’t been studied.

4) You’re Too Hard On Yourself


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Now, don’t go being hard on yourself about being too hard on yourself, but listen up: the Mayo Clinic believes that suffering from migraines and having too much stress in your life goes hand in hand.

If you tend to leave things to the last minute and then charge through all your work at once, this could be a cause.

Take breaks, pace yourself, plan your time, take deep breaths and exercise and don’t forget to leave some time to enjoy yourself. Otherwise, you could feel like you’re banging your head against a brick wall. Ouch.

For help dealing with chronic headaches and migraines, check out the Migraine Research Foundation.

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