How Walking Can Help Your Liver

How Walking Can Help Your Liver

It’s one of the best ways to fight your liver’s decline, through exercise.

In Canada, Thanksgiving has come and gone. It’s likely that more than a few individuals, friends, couples and families felt the need for an after dinner walk, before diving into desert over the holiday. With colors a-glow on the trees and a brisk nipping wind whipping around-at least in some parts of the country, if you didn’t have snow-it was the perfect moment to slow down.

And if you did, your body benefited. Not only did going for a walk create a bit more room in there for pumpkin pie, it also could have done more. It could have increased your bone mass, and also helped your liver thrive.

study done at Harvard Medical School has found that walking and strength training could decrease your chances of dying from liver disease.

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Why is this significant? The study’s authors point out that chronic liver disease is currently on the rise in the U.S. In part, this is due to the obesity epidemic. The problem is, at the moment there are no guidelines to advise doctors or patients on the best type of exercise to do when trying to avoid dying from liver disease, to put it bluntly.

“In the U.S., mortality due to cirrhosis (liver disease) is increasing dramatically, with rates expected to triple by the year 2030,” said Dr. Tracey Simon, MD. “In the face of this alarming trend, information on modifiable risk factors that might prevent liver disease is needed.”

How much should you walk? Talk with your doctor. It’s never too late to get started.

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