How to Remember Your Dreams

How to Remember Your Dreams

Several tactics can work including drinking water before sleeping, pausing to review your dreams before waking and talking to yourself.

Some dreams you want to forget. You close your eyes and wish they would drift into the ether, never to return.

Others however, if you’re lucky enough, can create an imaginary paradise filled with glowing calm. Perhaps they’re filled with love or laughter, or indescribable feelings you wish would go on forever. Those dreams are worth remembering, but for most of us, the sights and sounds that filled our sleep slip away soon after we wake.

How can you make the good times stick?

Whether you remember your dreams or not depends on multiple factors.

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It all has to do with your sleep cycles, your subconscious mind and the chemicals circulating in your body. Sleep researcher Robert Stickgold of Harvard Medical School offers these bits of advice on how to recall your dreams, in an interview with

When you first wake up, don’t get up. Lie still and keep your eyes closed. Try to “float” and remember what you were dreaming of. This can help lock the content of your dreams into your memory.

You might also try drinking a few glasses of water before bed. (Avoid alcohol, as this is a dream suppressant). It’s likely that you’ll wake up having to pee which is good as this will coincide with the end of your REM sleep cycle, which is the one holding your dreams.

Lastly, try telling yourself that you want to remember your dreams, as you drift off to sleep. Repeat it over and over. Test the results in the morning!

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