How to Flirt as a Senior

How to Flirt as a Senior

Although baby boomers might feel like the dating game has changed significantly since their youth, rules of attraction have pretty much stayed the same. But what about flirting? Does your age change anything?

Today’s courtship game might seem overwhelming: with Tinder, social media, and sexting it’s no wonder you might think you won’t know how to flirt in your older years! But the truth is, nothing has changed dramatically and flirting is the same thing it always was. Even if you are feeling a bit rusty and haven’t been dating for a while, chances are you’ll be on top of your game it in no time.

For some people, regardless of their age, flirting comes naturally and it’s just part of their innate charm. Of course, not everyone is blessed with an seductive nature- some of us need a little bit of help when it comes to attracting the attention of another person. Either way, you’ll benefit from these timeless flirting tips that ensure that your wooing technique is up to date!

Be Confident

There’s nothing more attractive than being comfortable in your skin and with who you are- regardless of your sex and age. Your golden years are the ideal time to accept yourself and feel proud of the person you’ve become over the years. Be careful though, because this can’t be faked: false self-confidence is easily spotted, and it’s a big turn off.

Act Naturally

This might be the most important thing on the list. Staying true to yourself is the only way to flirt successfully, or feel happy, for that matter. Pushing yourself to do or say something you’re not comfortable with can only be counterproductive. And not to mention stressful!

Signal Your Interest

If you are attracted to someone, you need to make your feelings known. Of course, when it comes to flirting, subtleties can be more appreciated, so make sure to express your interest with “harmless” yet sensual physical contact; such as a casual brushing of one’s arm or touching their palm during the conversation.

Dress To Impress

The way we dress speaks a lot about us, so investing a little bit of time to pick out a nice outfit can go a long way. Choose age-appropriate clothes (nobody should try to wear the same outfit they wore two or three decades ago) that help you create a polished look: your date will definitely appreciate if you look like you’ve put in an effort.

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