How to Fight off the Flu With Oysters and 4 Other Fine Foods

How to Fight off the Flu With Oysters and 4 Other Fine Foods

Flu season is upon us. With the onslaught of runny noses, aching muscles, headaches, fevers and coughs, we are likely to be uninspired to cook, and more apt to just grab some burgers on the way home and eat in front of the T.V.

But if you can drag yourself out of bed, (or if you are currently feeling healthy and fine), you might want to take note of these five power foods that can help you boost your immunity and stay healthy (er) this winter season.

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1) Water


Ok- no cooking required, just a tap and a bottle or glass. Water is said to be our first line of defense when it comes to fighting off viruses as the mucous membrane of the nose needs to stay moist to work its best.

“(The nose) acts like a sticky flypaper to trap things like dust, dirt and bacteria and prevent them getting to the lungs,” said Dr. Lewis in an article with the “If you are dehydrated, the mucous membrane will dry out. When this happens, it is half as effective.”

Experts recommend getting eight glasses pf the magic liquid a day. Fill up a re-usable water bottle and bring it to work, refilling it at lunch time.

Getting fluids through soupsstews and tea also counts and helps to keep your fluid intake up in winter.

2) Oysters


Oysters are a great source of zinc, a mineral that’s been linked many times over to a healthy immune system. Oysters do the job of inspiring your white blood cells to attack bacteria and viruses like the flu or colds hanging out in your system.

You don’t need much- just about 13 milligrams of zinc a day. That’s about one oyster hors d’oeuvre on your plate. Yum.

3) Green Tea


The health benefits of drinking green tea can range from lowering cholesterol, to contributing to cancer prevention, and it can also help to ward off the flu, say some.

All kinds of tea are made from the same leaves but white and green teas contain higher levels of catechins than black teathe flavonoids that are thought to be responsible for tea’s antiviral properties. Drink up!

4) Yogurt

Bowl with yoghurt

No one knows exactly which probiotics work best for increasing the body’s immunity or exactly how they work, but it has been found that having healthy amounts of probiotics in your system can be of benefit to fighting off illness.

Plain yogurt is a great source of these mighty warriors of the digestive tract- make sure to get the kind that lists ‘live and active cultures’ on the container.

5) Squashes


Squash is a favorite winter-time food, as it’s packed with vitamins and can keep well and for a long time once it is harvested in the fall. Squashes of all kinds provide the body with vitamin A, and C, phytonutrients, antioxidants, potassium, fiber, beta-carotene, and B vitamins: essential nutrients in keep colds at bay.

Try them cut in half and baked, boiled, and blended into soups. A great compliment to any meal!




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