How Coffee Can Both Kill You and Make You Live Longer

How Coffee Can Both Kill You and Make You Live Longer

It’s something over half the population drinks each day, but what’s it really doing to your body?

You’ve heard it before and now it’s come ‘round again: drinking coffee is good for you. Really? Because last month we were told that stuff was death in a mug, you might be thinking.

When it comes to red meat, wine, coffee and other excitingly delectables  in life, there seem to be competing pros and cons. So, what gives?

As always, the general rule seems to be this: everything in moderation. All Bran cereal is great for your system, but not if you eat 25 bowls of it in one day.

Here are 5 reasons why coffee is both the liquid of the month and your worst warm nightmare:

1) It Can Lower Your Risk of Developing Killer Diseases

Drinking coffee can be both good and bad for you, says science.

A new study funded by the National Cancer Institute has found that if you drink coffee, you’re going to die some day but likely later than a non-coffee drinker. And you’re more likely to pass of old age or being hit by a car than from heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease, stroke, diabetes, and kidney disease, when compared with those who don’t partake in java.

It’s great news, but somewhat surprising, seeing as this hasn’t always been what the medical establishment has preached. (See #2)

2) It Could Increase Your Risk of Heart Attack

Back in the 1970s, it was found that people who drink between one and five cups of coffee a day are increasing their chances of having a heart attack by 60%.

And it was found that if you drink 6 or more cups a day, you double that, raising your chances by 120%.

What’s changed since then? It’s hard to say. The only constant seems to be that studying the effects of coffee on humans seems to be tricky.

3) It Can Protect Your Brain

Drinking coffee can be both good and bad for you, says science.

If you’re seeking to protect your brain against developing diseases like Parkinson’s, drinking coffee could be key, some experts say. It’s not going to ward of the illness entirely, but the anti-inflammatory properties the brew houses are ‘neuroprotective’, which is a good thing when it comes to calming the brain.

4) But Damage It, Too

If you drink too much coffee and it causes you to stay awake at night, you might not be getting the proper rest you need. And if you’re not sleeping enough, you’re not doing your brain any favors as it can’t regenerate and be ready for tomorrow.

5) It’s Addictive

Is the fact that coffee is addictive a good or bad thing? If it makes you cranky for a day because you can’t get any and it drives your family and friends crazy, obviously that’s a drawback.

It’s not such a strong one though, and it isn’t comparable to other drugs, (ie, you probably won’t end up homeless and living on the streets because you couldn’t afford your grinds).

Anything that puts you under its power is a negative for sure, but like the dark drink in general, this fact seems to toe the line in the middle.

The bottom line? Drink up in moderation, and you could be doing some good. But take it easy..and wait for the next study.

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