How Air Pollution Has a Massive Effect on Your Intelligence

How Air Pollution Has a Massive Effect on Your Intelligence

You can lose years of education and men are affected more than women.

Skipping class, sniffing glue, staying up for 5 nights straight- there are a number of easy ways to make yourself lose a few IQ points, if you try. But a new study shows that one of the most effective could simply be living out your life in a dusty, grimy, dirty city.

A study out of China, (who better to examine the effects of haze?), has found that being exposed to high levels of pollution can cause you to lose a significant amount of smarts.

When exposed to pollution and analyzed, people had test scores in language and math that dropped across the board. In fact, the effects were so dramatic that most people tested lost the equivalent of about a year’s worth of education, when immersed in pollution.

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Those over 64 years of age suffer most when it comes to unclean air and crisp thinking. If you’re in this age bracket you could feel like you’ve lost up to a few years of education.

Researchers analyzed test scores from part of the China Family Panel that involved 20,000 people across China from 2010 to 2014. In connection with this, they took into account records of nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide pollution.

In general, people lost more language ability than math, and men were harmed more than women by pollution.

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