Hey Pizza Lovers: Your Pizza Delivery Box is Toxic

Hey Pizza Lovers: Your Pizza Delivery Box is Toxic

Pizza companies are going to need a new way to transport your beloved cheese and pepperoni.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is banning three “food contact substances” that create that waxy surface on the inside of pizza boxes, keeping the cardboard grease-free. According to the FDA, “there is no longer a reasonable certainty” the pizza boxes’ chemicals are safe for human use or contact.

The substances each contain perfluoroalkyl ethyl, putting them in a class of chemicals called aspoly- and perfluoroalkyl substances, or PFASs. These PFASs are what you’d find in microwave popcorn bags, wax pastry bags, and even non-food products like carpet cleaners and camping tents. PFASs are known to inhabit the body for years when contracted, and can lead to cancer and other health problems.

The ban comes after a number of health-related groups, including the Breast Cancer Fund and the Center for Food Safety, filed a petition against the chemicals.

The ban went into effect Monday – hopefully you got your share of pizza before then, or have some Tupperware for the future.

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