Here’s the Strange Thing Burger King’s Hallowe’en Whopper Does To You

Here’s the Strange Thing Burger King’s Hallowe’en Whopper Does To You

Are you eating Burger King’s Hallowe’en Whopper? Is your poop now green? Apparently the temporary festive fall burger that was inspired by the Japanese BK menu has now arrived in the U.S, Spain and the U.K.

The original infamously weird Japanese burgers, called the Kuro Diamond and the Kuro Pearl (kuro meaning ‘black’ in Japanese), featured black buns, black slices of cheese and black sauce, and one, customized squid ink sauce. Yumm.

Now, thankfully, in order to have this truly top culinary experience, you needn’t fly all the way the Land of the Rising Sun, but can just take a late-night taxi around the corner to the nearest Burger King and place your order. Or, ride your bike there, if you have one. If you’re into buying this burger and trying it out, you probably don’t have your license yet.

But at least you should know- it’s here!

And why is it turning people’s feces green? Not sure. Reports have it that the black burgers in Japan have done no such thing over the course of history, but then, they were made black with squid ink and the western burgers have been tinged with artificial food dye to come to their lovely color.

Could this be the culprit? Green dye is sometimes used to make black food coloring, so this seems probable.

But while consuming too much food dye is said by some to have adverse effects on the human body eating one burger is likely OK.

Just don’t practice your skills to beat these guys and end up having too many.



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