Here’s Proof That it’s OK to Run While Pregnant

Here’s Proof That it’s OK to Run While Pregnant

A new report on is indicating that it’s OK to run while you’re pregnant.

Most women don’t feel that inclined to get off the couch when they are heavy with a bun in the oven. There are, however, those of us out there who consider being pregnant prime time to go chase down a deer.

All kidding aside, some have felt that all the bouncing and jostling that occurs when you are running could possibly be harmful to a baby in utero. But elite athletes have proved this to be false.

Some women are already so active that they achieve amazing physical feats while expecting.

Alysia Montano

According to the back in the 80’s Norwegian runner, Ingrid Kristiansen, won the US. Houston marathon, unbeknownst to her coach, while she was a couple of months pregnant.

And over the years, 17 women have competed at the Olympics pregnant, leading people like Alysia Montano, an American track and field athlete, to compete amazingly in the 800m quarterfinals of the US track and field championships, while heavily expectant.

As most experts say, if you haven’t been very active before getting pregnant, then pregnancy is not the time to take on a new regime. Most say it’s not a time to aim to build more muscle, lung and heart power, but if you’re already quite active, it seems OK to stay that way.

Connect with a doctor to see what’s right for you.

If you aren’t active at all, it could be a good time to take up something light, like walking, to get the blood circulating for the benefit of both you and the baby. Leave the sprinting to the Olympians and be inspired for that future time, coming soon, when you no longer are pregnant. The sky’s the limit.

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