Here’s Why Your Bum Is So Itchy and What To Do About It

Here’s Why Your Bum Is So Itchy and What To Do About It

Ants in your pants? Bumble bees in your buttocks? There could be a simple solution to the problem, but it could also mean something like diabetes is hanging out.

You might not talk about it like you do that cough that won’t go away or the strange red spot under your arm, but having an itchy bum is annoying. And it’s a thing. It’s something that you might wish you could share with someone in order to take some of the burden off but most of us generally remain quiet at the lunch table when it comes to this topic.

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So, since your friends aren’t likely to help you get to the bottom of the issue, no pun intended, what’s causing your itchy anus?

Your butt could be making you feel like there are ants crawling around in there for a number of reasons. Experts say that sometimes it simply comes down to the soap you use. It’s about personal care habits.

Make It Go Away

Having an itchy bum could be the result of a soap, or something like an STI.

You might be washing your bum too much, or maybe you never go near it with soap and water and that’s the problem. Or maybe you’re using personal wipes to get everything squeaky clean but you’re actually causing your skin to become irritated where you’d most desire a sense of calm.

If you haven’t changed anything in your routine lately and the scratching and burning has come on suddenly, it could also be the result of an infection. Parasites like pinworms, yeast infections and sexually transmitted illnesses can all cause your bum to feel like it’s on fire.

On the super serious side, it could also be a side effect of having diabetes or something severe, like an anal tumor. Hopefully not.

What should you do? Experts recommend that you try changing your personal cleaning habits. If this makes it all go away, great.  If that persistent tickle insists on staying to visit though, see your doctor. You’re going to want to deal with it.

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