Here Are Meghan Markle’s 6 Top Health Tips

Here Are Meghan Markle’s 6 Top Health Tips

Markle looks great and it’s all about hard work and balance, she says.

Did Meghan Markle lay in bed at night as a child and dream of one day joining the British royal family? Did she even know who prince Harry was, or imagine she’d one day be living out her days in London, with a sprinkling of other international destinations?

We’ll never know, but some things are for certain. She’s a go-getter. She works hard. And she seemed destined to be in the right place at the right time.

So, about her health. It could be that Markle is one of those women born with genetics that make them naturally thin. (Yes, those do exist, I swear).

What else is she doing though, to stay healthy and at her best?

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A recent article in Harpers Bazaar reveals some of her secrets. For starters, Markle is an avid practitioner of yoga, which really comes as no surprise given that her mom is a yoga teacher, among other accomplishments.

Meghan also runs regularly. It’s an activity that calms her mind as much as her body, she says.

She keeps in touch with friends and trains with them, eats a vegan diet during the week. She’s not too strict with her diet though, and indulges in whatever else on weekends. Drinking happens in moderation, and this star isn’t always on the go. There’s room for downtime.

As she professes, it’s all about balance. Sounds like great advice, Duchess.


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