The Health Benefits of Love

The Health Benefits of Love

Being in love has more perks than feeling secure and Netflix n’ chill – it can improve your health and vitality, too.

When we fall in love, our bodies produce hormones that give us a euphoric, almost indescribable joy. And once that settles into a healthy, stable relationship, our overall health is improved in a variety of ways.

Interestingly, love doesn’t start with the heart – it begins in the brain. Those lovely feelings of…love, start in the brain from memory; this is why just smelling your spouse’s fragrance they used to wear years ago can take you back to that fateful first date.

Here are five other ways love can benefit your health.

Improves Blood Pressure

Research suggests that happily, married couples are people that have the best blood pressure, while people in struggling marriages are the opposite. A strong, fulfilling relationship keeps the brain emotionally fit, which leads to blood pressure stability.


It goes without saying, but the less strain on your relationship, the better for your heart – both literally and figuratively.

Better Life Expectancy

There’s an old saying that goes ‘laughing makes you live longer’. And there may be some truth to this adage.

A life partner can help reduce the feelings of loneliness, sadness, and in some cases, depression. These debilitating conditions can hinder life expectancy; a strong, loving relationship makes both people, leading to a longer life.

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Reduces Sickness

Think of love as a medicine for a more healthy life.

Considering relationships usually reduce anxiety and stress (unless there’s a game on the same time as The Bachelor), it keeps the body more protected from illness. Simply, our bodies are vulnerable to ailments like colds when our bodies are stressed and agitated. A happy, calm, stable relationship gives the immune system a boost!

Benefits Social Health

Don’t forget that health extends to your social life, too.


Being happy and in love tends to radiate to others, making you kinder and more patient with others. Thanks to the traits of a loving relationship – good communication, smiling more, and being joyful – social health improves dramatically.

Improves Aging

You’ve probably seen those old couples that look young and energetic as teens in love. Those happy couples stay young at heart – and sometimes, appearance – thanks to the reduced stress, and heightened sense of safety, security, and joy.

While we talk about loving relationships, remember that feeling loved isn’t limited to this dynamic. Whether it’s familial, friendship, or romantic, love is a connection that creates unity, respect, and joy. It’s a great feeling when you’re in love, and it feels even better when you know it benefits the health of you and your loved one.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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