Have a Crooked Penis? Here’s When to Seek Help

Have a Crooked Penis? Here’s When to Seek Help

Have a bent penis? Know someone who does? Most people who have one don’t worry about it, but veering a little to the left or right can definitely make a person curious as to how and why it came about.

The experts say that a bent penis is only a cause for concern if it makes erections painful.

But why does it happen? Causes can come in a variety of forms, including differences in penis anatomy-ie, the sponge-like spaces that expand and stiffen in an erect penis aren’t evenly spaced out-an underlying autoimmune disorder, an inherited fibrous tissue abnormality, an injury to the penis that caused it to heal with scar tissue that prevents it from stretching at points, or Peyronie’s disease.



Peyronie’s disease causes conditions similar to the causes listed above, but it makes scar tissue inside the penis that prevents it from growing to its potential. Specialists aren’t sure why some people experience the condition, but they suspect it may have its origins in repeated injury to the groin.

Interestingly though, reports indicate that many men with Peyronie’s disease can’t recall when those said injuries happened. Doesn’t it hurt considerably to be whacked in the balls? Or, was that just the boys at my grade school?

Regardless, or maybe because of this obvious question, the Mayo Clinic indicates on its website that researchers are currently investigating whether Peyronie’s disease is possibly an inherited trait or if it could be linked to certain health conditions.

What to do? Generally speaking, if the thought of a sexy night of intercourse causes you anxiety and stress because of the pain it might cause, it’s a good time to see a doctor.

There are other causes for having a leaning tower but these are the most common reasons for a winding highway to love and should be treated professionally.

On the flip side, if it’s bent and painless; count yourself lucky and unique.  Congratulations!

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