This Halloween Workout is Scary-Good for Your Body

This Halloween Workout is Scary-Good for Your Body

Halloween isn’t just about collecting candy, embarrassing costumes, and pumpkin carving. It’s also a good time to dust off your book of magic exercises, and stretch out those cobwebs!

But if you’ve misplaced your book of spells, we’ve got a few exercise moves for you that are just witchin’.

From the ‘Grave Riser’ to the ‘Dancing Skeleton’, our spellbinding exercises from DB365 trainer Erika Shannon will help you improve what ghosts don’t have – arms, core, back, glutes, and more!

All you’ll need for this 15-minute workout is a broom (flying or otherwise), so get ready to give your muscles a real treat. Each exercise should be done for about one minute, with a RIP period of 30 seconds; repeat for three rounds.

Dancing Skeleton

Good news, people that hate floor crunches: there is an alternative. The Dancing Skeleton is a standing variation that’ll work magic on your core.

“With the dancing skeleton, you’re working your obliques, but also adding the element of balance, which improves everyday function and stability,” Shannon says.

The supernatural exercise also improves range of motion, and ups your heart rate significantly. For best results, ensure your posture is correct: keep a slight bend in your supporting leg as you lift the other leg towards your elbow. Stay upright in the side crunch, rather than leaning forward like a zombie.

Ghoul Mornings

Like a slow-moving ghoul, this exercise is all about that slow burn. The lower-body exercise works your hips, trunk extensors, hamstrings, glutes, abs, and back; the key to it all is engaging your abdominals, so your chest and back don’t drop.

“Transfer a little more weight into your heels, and imagine squeezing your shoulder blades together as you hinge forward,” Shannon explains.

And remember, this exercise isn’t a squat.

“While it’s natural to transfer some weight into the heels as you descend, think more of keeping your abs engaged than sticking your butt out.”

The Ghostbuster

This challenging lateral lunge tests your balance and hip mobility by putting your glutes, abductors, adductors, and quads through the paces.

Make sure your knee doesn’t go past your toes, and sit with your hips back into the stretch once you lunge sideways, for maximum results.

“Step out wide into the lunge, toes pointing forward and keep that back straight! Enjoy the feeling of swinging down to up — it’s fun!” Shannon says.

And don’t cheat yourself by using your momentum!

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Monster Walk

Similar to an overhead squat, this bewitching exercise works every major muscle group in your body.

If you find yourself struggling with the broomstick over your head, widen your arm position. For the lower body, Shannon says, “Keep your weight in your heels, and let your butt stick out a bit (without losing stability in your lower back). Think of your body moving all in one solid unit.”

Grave Riser

Only the lazy advocate getting out of bed to be an exercise, and it turns out to be true.

Start this exercise by lying flat on your back, and hands on both ends of the broomstick in front of you, with feet flexed. Slowly raise your body off the ground, keeping your legs in line and on the floor.

“Send energy through your heels to keep your feet actively flexed and tuck your chin to your chest as you come up,” Shannon says.

Your back doesn’t need to be super straight for this, but you will need to engage your abdominals and back muscles often.

“Try to feel your sit bones pressing down on the floor as you stretch your spine as tall as you can. No need to keep them there long, though, just enough to stretch tall, then repeat back down to your descent.”

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