Halloween Horrors: The Scary Truth About Your Kid’s Face Paint

Halloween Horrors: The Scary Truth About Your Kid’s Face Paint

As you shop for your kid’s perfect Halloween costume this year, you might want to ditch the DIY face paint.

The FDA was called out early this week by New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, for failing to conduct routine safety tests on face paints, particularly those made in China. He feels they’re filled with toxic chemicals that have no place in the marketplace.

“Every Halloween we worry about the candy we’re putting in our kids’ mouths but nowadays, we need to worry about the face paint we’re putting on our kids’ faces,” the senator said in a statement.

facepaint1It’s been well-documented for years that face paints contain troublesome ingredients. In 2009, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a consumer advocacy group, tested 10 face paints on the market in the United States. They found that all of them contained lead, while six contained high levels of skin allergens like nickel, cobalt, and chromium. The group also noted that the FDA did not require companies to test the safety of ingredients in cosmetics before selling them.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says “no safe blood lead level in children has been identified,” and “lead exposure can affect nearly every system in the body.” While lead poisoning typically happens through consistent exposure, single high dosages have proven to be as damaging.

While some companies have made safer alternatives claiming to be toxin free, it may be safer to get your kid a mask this Halloween.

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