How to Get the Right Haircut

How to Get the Right Haircut

Here’s how to get a haircut that matches your face, skin and personality.

Getting the right haircut for you can be tricky. Maybe you’re blessed to have easily manageable hair and go so far as to cut it yourself, but for those who need a professional to give them a special boost, finding the right one can be a journey.

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And it’s worth it. When you land on a hairdresser who really understands your hair and your vision for it, it can feel like a miracle. In the same way that having a great set of teeth can increase your self-confidence and glow, so can the right hair style.

We asked Sally Goncalves, a hair dresser for 22 years who also runs her own mental health awareness apparel company, OUTTA, about how to get the right cut.

Here are 3 tips for discovering your best look:

1) Consider Your Face Shape


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Your hair is the mount for a beautiful painting: you. Here’s how to make the most of it:

“The shape of your face can sometimes affect which haircut is most flattering depending on the individual and what their personal style is,” Sally says.

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“…Oval-shaped faces can pretty much wear any haircut while longer faces will look best with cuts that add shortness to the face and vice versa. It’s really about creating a nice frame around the client.”

 2) Think About Your Complexion


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Do you have pink undertones or are you full of warmth? The color you choose to dye your hair can suit you more or less, depending on your skin tone.

“As a hairstylist I try to choose what will make the client look brighter, healthier and natural looking,” says Sally. “Some people who are fair look great with dark hair while others will look paler. This all depends on what their natural hair pigment is and what overall look they’re aiming for.”

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The low-down? If you want to support what you already have (ie, trying to cover up your greys), ask your stylist what would be a best match for your skin and hair.

If you have your heart set on beautiful blue highlights though, cast the rules aside and go for it. As Sally says, personal preference plays a big role here.

3) Ask Yourself, How Daring Am I?


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Sometimes the best look is a conservative one but change is always good. Ask your stylist for ideas, and you might be surprised at what they suggest. A new look can inspire a new you-why not go for it?

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Sally Goncalves recommends getting your hair trimmed every 6-9 weeks to maintain its health and avoid dry damaged ends.

When she’s not cutting hair, she can be found working hard at spreading mental health awareness at







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