7 Ways to Get Free Birth Control in the Trump Era

7 Ways to Get Free Birth Control in the Trump Era

Access to paid-for birth control may be dwindling but options exist, and can be mailed right to your door.

So what’s the media frenzy all about? Trump’s administration has just changed some of the rules when it comes to women accessing birth control pills.

When it was put in place, Obamacare mandated that companies needed to provide female employees with access to “free” birth control. I’m putting that in quotes because we know that nothing really comes for free, but in essence insurance policies provided to employees by companies needed to cover it.

According to reports, 55 million women in the U.S benefited from the ruling, which is massive.

Trump has just reversed all that. His administration put in place a ruling that allows companies that don’t wish to offer birth control coverage, to opt out.

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Free birth control pills are now harder to get in the Trump era.

The move could be seen as more of a political jump than an entire game-changer when it comes to women’s and couple’s rights, but nonetheless, it does have people up in arms.

Birth control pills can cost anywhere from $0-$50 a month and buying them can be an added cost that some women on a budget simply can’t afford, forcing them to choose between rubbers, toilet paper and another box of pasta.

If you’re now stuck in a lurch, engage in practical answers. Ask your pharmacist or doctor about generic brands of the pill which can be just as effective as those from the big companies. They’re often sold at a portion of the cost.

And apart from that, consider relying on other forms of protection. IUDs can be very effective at preventing pregnancy and easy to put in place. Condoms have the added benefit of protecting you against STIs and STDs, as well as conception.

So what about the free part? Here it is: 7 places that will gladly give you free condoms:

1) Your Local Planned Parenthood Center

Locations across the country

They might not have a whole box waiting for you to toss in a bag, but Planned Parenthood centers often have a stash of free condoms on hand. Make an appointment and pay a visit.

2) Teen Source.org


Teen Source.org is a site that takes your address and mails you some free condoms. Great!

The only glitch is that you need to be between the ages of 12 and 19 and living in California. Apart from that, you’re good to go.

Who’s behind it all? The Condom Access Project is run with funds provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

3) Ohiv.org


The HIV/STI hotline in Ohio is offering free condoms by mail to those living in the state. Limitations apply to supply, but at least you’ll get something.

4) L.A Condom

Los Angeles

Living in the glitz? If you’re in Los Angeles you can get 10 free condoms from L.A Condom by ordering online. It’s just a click away.

5) AIDS Services Coalition


The AIDS Services Coalition in the state of Mississippi is delivering Trojan condoms free of charge to those living within the state, and is waiving the shipping charge.

6) Condom Monologues

Various Locations

This site has a whole list of places to contact for free condoms. Check it out and be served.

7) Thrillist.com

Just like Condom Monologues, Thrillist.com has a list that’s worth checking out, with names like RubberRevolutionDC, Lifestyles and others. Click it, provide some info and arm yourself with the free goods.

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