Get a Caffeine Buzz, Ingest Anti-Oxidants and Enjoy Bacon With These 5 Amazing Toothpastes That Go Above and Beyond

Get a Caffeine Buzz, Ingest Anti-Oxidants and Enjoy Bacon With These 5 Amazing Toothpastes That Go Above and Beyond

Clean teeth: everybody wants ‘em. With teeth whitening one of the fastest growing industries on the dental scene today, they’re obviously a hit. But what about getting more than just pearly whites?

Some toothpastes give yous something extra, like an early morning boost, or the chance to loose some weight.

Check out these 5 super-status toothpastes that do more than just prevent cavities.

1) Power Toothpaste Will Wake You Up

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Now, let’s just say, somebody out there is thinking straight. Power Toothpaste is a dental product that has caffeine in it. The company states that you can “get a rush while you brush”, something many of us early morning risers definitely need.

A single tube of this stuff lasts for up to 90 brushes, and works immediately, unlike coffee which they say takes about 30-45 minutes (really?) to be fully integrated into your system.

The conclusion? It’s amazing that we find ourselves in 2016 and this is only now being invented. Muchas gracias, Power Toothpaste. Order some now, here.

2) Theodent Gives You Chocolate Anti-Oxidants

weird toothpastes-theodent

Ok, so you won’t get as many empowering anti-oxidants as you would from a bar of dark chocolate by using this toothpaste, but still. Theodent is a toothpaste backed by four American professors that is based on “the power of the cocoa bean”.

It claims to be a non-toxic revolutionary alternative to fluoride based toothpastes, and furthermore, it’s a substance that can harden your teeth perhaps even more than fluoride can. Interesting!

Since this isn’t common knowledge, I’d talk to your dentist to see their opinion first before relying on it to keep your teeth healthy. But who can say ‘no’ to chocolate in the morning?

3) This Bacon-Flavored Toothpaste is, Well, Bacon Flavored!

weird toothpastes-bacon flavored

Accoutrements’ Bacon Flavored toothpaste sounds like the perfect recipe for weight loss.

Not only do users get to have a bit of exercise by moving a brush around in their mouths every morning, but they get to fool their brain, as well. No more cravings for bacon and eggs that stick to the waist and thighs- just a sudden need to really brush your teeth!

4) Waste No More With Two Way Toothpaste

weird toothpastes--two way

 Yes, this one is a fantasy, but it would be pretty cool if you could buy it, yes? Maybe someday.

Two Way Toothpaste is a packaging design that allows brushers to squeeze toothpaste out of both ends of the toothpaste tube. Gone are the days of frustrating waste, and having to correct your family’s lazy squeezing. Fan-flubbin-tastic.

5) Get Your Anti Fungal Groove on With Cannabis Toothpaste

weird toothpastes-cannabis

Yes, cannabis toothpaste. This isn’t going to help you zone out, but it claims to provide all sorts of other favors. AXIM Biotechnologies, a New York company has developed toothpaste and mouthwash infused with cannabis. It contains a non-psychoactive cannabinoid called CBG, which is an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and furthermore, an anti-fungal agent. Score!

Of course, fluoride toothpaste is still a great way to go for cleaning and cavity protection for your teeth. But if you want something different, why not toss it up and try something new once and awhile.

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