A Fun, High-Intensity Workout That Doesn’t Feel Like Exercise

A Fun, High-Intensity Workout That Doesn’t Feel Like Exercise

Enjoy dancing? Is high intensity interval training (HITT) your thing? Then you’ll love this fast and fun Strong by Zumba sequence!

Bringing the best of dancing and exercise into an all-in-one workout, these Zumba-inspired exercises focus on body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio, and plyometrics. It’s all done to some cool original tunes – because you’ll need music to dance!

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Check out the 7-minute butt-kicking workout lead by celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins, who works with stars like Pink and Alicia Keys, for a fun and frantic time! There’s no equipment requirement here, and being under 10 minutes, now you have no excuse to not get your sweat on.

Then you can bring your new moves to your next gym sesh, helping you get stronger while you enhance your heart health, too. The video will go over a ton of moves that you can expect to see in an hour-long Strong by Zumba class if you choose to sign up – the first sequence includes the Fighting Stance, Katana Strike, Knee Heal, Traveling Knees, Battle Rope Smash, and the Battle Rope Jump Squat; the second features Jumping Jack to Knee Lift, Curtsey Lunge to Side Lunge, Skaters, Punch+Jack Cross, and Punch+Kick.

Photo Credit: Iakov Filimonov/Shutterstock.com

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