Four Calorie-Torching Moves to Tone your Legs and Butt

Four Calorie-Torching Moves to Tone your Legs and Butt

If you’re looking to strengthen or tone the lower half of your body, this four-move plyometrics workout is designed to be done anywhere, with zero equipment.

What are plyometrics?

Plyometrics is a style of exercise based on the idea that explosive movements in short intervals can provide big gains in speed and power. It’s one of the more efficient ways to burn calories, too – ideal for those busy days you can barely squeak a work out in.

So, here are the exercises. The rules: perform each exercise for six reps, making each move as explosive as possible. Perform 5 sets of the entire routine, with 30 second breaks between sets. Ideally you want to do this at least three times a week.

Remember your muscles need time to recover, so spacing out the three workouts throughout the week is important.

Knee Tuck Jumps

Stand with feet hip-width and parallel. Bend both knees, shift hips back and lower down until thighs are close to parallel with the floor. Swing arms back by your sides. Jump off the ground, driving knees up toward chest. Land on your toes with knees bent. Repeat the movement, driving off the ground with power. Remember to keep your chest up and your core engaged.

Squat Jumps

squat-jumps2Again, start with feet hip-width and parallel. Deeply bend both knees, shift hips back and lower down until thighs are parallel with the ground. Staying low, jump off the ground a few inches. Land with knees bent and repeat the movement.

Split Jumps

Stand with left foot forward and right foot back. Deeply bend both knees until left knee is directly over ankle. Explosively drive of the ground, jumping as high as possible into the air. Switch legs and land with right foot forward and left foot back. Bend both knees and repeat the movement. Keep your chest up and swing arms for momentum. Each exercise is six reps; this one is six per side (c’mon, that’s fair).


Place all the weight on your right foot. Deeply bend right knee, shift hips back and drive off the ball of your foot. Jump as far as you can to the left. Land with left knee bent and chest up. Repeat the movement, jumping as far as possible to the right, similar to a skating motion. Continue to jump back and forth covering as much distance as possible. Perform 6 reps in each direction.

Not too bad, right? Don’t forget to refuel with a meal full of complex carbs, protein, and healthy fats to rebuild those muscles.

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